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Testimonial: “Project 66 is transformational”

Maritza Ilario

The first word that come to me to describe Project 66 is Transformational. It has and continues to transform my mind, body and soul.

Fina’s amazing coaching skills, podcasts and information she shared with me helped me in my transformation. She gave me all the tools I needed to make this possible and to continue using them in my life.

Fina shared and explained all the research she has been doing on the science of the body and food. The worksheets she gave us each week gave and that we worked on, gave me the opportunity to look deeper into myself.

It allowed me to see the beliefs I had about others and myself. Although it was not always easy, it gave me the awareness to change my thinking/ judgment toward others and myself.

I was able to get to know myself at a deeper level. Her weekly podcasts also guide me each week to learn new things and continue examining myself.

I am very grateful for Fina and Project 66. I have been able to set many goals and am reaching them.

My weight loss Journey has been joyful and consistent. The food plan she suggested was so much easier to incorporate into my life than I thought.

When she first suggested for me to eliminate sugar and flour, my first thoughts were “that will be too hard”. This has been so far from the truth.

I have been able to make more conscious choices and now I feel that I am enjoying eating more than before. My commitment and the support from this project has made that possible.

I recommend Project 66 whole heartily to everyone that wants to transform and become their better self.


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