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Project 66

The research tells us that it can take on average, 66 days to change a habit… let’s take those 66 days to reinvent ourselves. Work with me to create the changes you want to see. Do the important and at times difficult work to up level your life. Work your Project Weight Loss with all my tools and years of self research. Your past does not define you, the hurts do not define you. You define you! Let’s go, you got this. 

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1-1 Project Weight Loss Coaching

Sometimes, we need a little more attention and want 1-1 time. Work with me on your Project Weight Loss and let’s dive deep to get to where the real change happens. Bring any topic my way and let’s get to work.  

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Why Project Weight Loss

Project 66 is a comprehensive system to lose the weight and gain back your life and sanity. Move away from the yoyo diet culture.  Use the tools that will serve you and help your future focused perspective.  Become the phoenix of your life.

I have over 15 years experience in project management and program design. I am a certified Life Coach with a focus on weight loss for project managers or those of us that work to manage our lives. I also focus on relationships, goal setting and time management among other important areas to make your time in your project weight loss more sustainable.  You will have dedicated support to help you throughout this fantastic process.  

15 Years Experience

Certified Life Coach

Future Focused

Become the Phoenix